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Pink Roses in Action

Most of the time, I simply upload the info, post a pic or two and I’m off.  Every now and again I will post.  Today happens to be a posting day.

I’m still very much a novice in the planner world with only starting mid-year last year.  I’m not a designer at all.  Simply an enthusiast that loves making stickers.  Some I make just for myself.  Most I either try to sell or offer for free on this site.  But, since I’ve been planning, I’ve not really been able to find planner peace.

I started out with the Big Happy Planner last year.

Dove headlong into the mini this year and Frankenstein’d it right away.  It has the monthly, weekly and daily agenda’s inside along with my weight loss goals and tracker, fitness and daily calorie counter.  I started to try and keep my medical info in this mini as well but, soon found that medical needs to be kept completely separate.  So, I use a little A5 6 ring Macaroon for all that.

Also, I’ve picked up a Classic with the horizontal layout just a few days ago and loving it.  I do love the metal rings instead of the plastic.  In several of the Facebook groups, I’ve heard mixed reviews.  I think the pages are easier to turn, personally, with the metal ones.  Just my $.02.  Loving the Classic and the horizontal layout.  I’m able to utilize it as a memory book better than I was the Big planner last year.











Have added one last planner just this morning.  It’s the Glamor Girl – Ooh La La mini planner.  The Ooh La La was the one I wanted all along and it was forever out of stock.  So I settled for the mini I have now.  Not a good idea to ever settle.  Finally found the mini planner with the extras on eBay and wasn’t going to pass it up.  Planner peace, finally … maybe?



Here is the layout for the last full week of February.  Below you can see how I’ve utilized the stickers I made for the Classic.  If you too would like to use this sticker sheet, you can find it here …  Pink Roses (12 downloads)


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