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Kendra Childs Jones

Kendra Childs Jones A Little Bit of Doodle ambassador

"Without Kendra's steadfast support, A Little Bit of Doodle, would not be half the company it is today." ~ Cecilia, Owner

eva maria stamper

Eva Maria Stamper A Little Bit of Doodle Ambssador

"I don't know where A Little Bit of Doodle would be without Eva's input.  She is such a delight to have in our corner!" ~Cecilia, Owner

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I'd Like to Introduce Myself

 I became "Doodle" when my beloved Uncle affectionately dubbed me as such at a very young age because I was forever doodling something and quite the busy body. If I wasn't drawing, I was asking someone to draw a picture for me to admire. My father instilled my love of art when he drew my first horse for me. He allowed a creative atmosphere to whatever my imagination could dream. His saying of, "Put it on paper" left a lasting impression that I still to this day utilize.
As I reached my late teens and early 20's, my imagination took a technical path when I chose to study Architectural Drafting and AutoCAD at University. From there my path took quite the technical journey. One Civil Engineering Firm, a Surveyor's perspective and eventually onto a large Environmental Engineering Firm ran the gauntlet of my resume. 

 It wasn't until the birth of my first son that I went back to imaginary roots. I saw the world through a toddler's eyes. He has since become quite the illustrator himself as he is now in his early 20's. I so admire his imaginary eye! 

My second son brought creativity to a whole other level. Unconventional, so outside the norm and often times the universe, he broadens my imagination to unbounded limits.

As a single mother, (of going on 18 years now), my boys' love has seen me through many tight spots. Their unwavering dedication is what has kept me afloat. Today, I have very independent "Momma's Boys" and I'm so very proud of both!

Now in a quiet time of life, I chose to fall back on imagination once again. Which is what you see in A Little Bit of Doodle. Funny how life comes full circle.

Hello! I'm Cecilia, owner of A Little Bit of Doodle. I love to create fun and whimsical designs.
I do hope you enjoy them in your planner as much as I have created them. Every color, pattern and little doodle detail has been carefully chosen, measured and sprinkled with a fanciful quality. 
A heartfelt thank you for stopping by. Please do check back often as inventory will increase steadily. Thank you so very much!  I do so hope you'll enjoy the sticker collections as much as I have making them. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!  And please come back often.