1.   I don’t have the same planner but, I love your stickers.  How do I use your stickers in my planner?

Although the stickers I make are for Big Happy Planner size (1.85″ X 2.85″) if you reduce the size by 59-60% they will fit the Mini Planners as well.  Make sure to select “Without a Boarder” or to “Actual Size”, otherwise your stickers will not be printed to their right size.

2. How do I use the printable stickers?

I buy full sheet sticker paper from Onlinelables.com.  I order 100 sheets for $10.45 and that’s the best deal I have found.  I use a paper-cutter like this one      and scissors.

3. Something isn’t right, I can’t get these stickers to fit with the above information.

I am human, and as stated I do run on coffee and late night hours so, mistakes can and will be made.  Please let me know right away if you run into a snag with the stickers.  I will fix the problem right away.

4. What exactly does “Free for Personal Use Only” mean?

You may print them as many times as your desires, share and trade with your friends but, you can not reproduce them or print them off for financial gain in any way.

5. I’ve been looking for certain kind of stickers, do you make custom stickers?

Yes!  I would dearly love to create your custom stickers for you.  Contact me here and we will go over the details.

6. I’m leery about donating.  To what and where is my hard-earned money going?

All money goes back into making bigger and better stickers for you and of course, keeps my coffee station stocked.

7. Where did the name ‘A Little Bit of Doodle’ come from?

My Uncle nicknamed me Doodler when I was a kid because I was forever drawing or coloring something.  I was quite the little busybody.  Later, when as a teenager, on his truck and camper rig he had a signature sign that read, “I Doodle 2”, on the front.  I loved it!  We shared a bond of Doodling.  He’s gone now but, I still carry on our love of Doodles.